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Fuel Saving Devices

Are There Some Fuel Saving Devices?

Fuel Saving Devices

Today, when no government in the world is able to control the hiking prices of fuel, there is an urgent need for fuel saving devices. The fuel-saving devices are actually tools or techniques designed to increase the fuel efficiency of a car, SUV or any other form of vehicle. The market is currently full of various devices that claim to increase the fuel efficiency of the automobiles, hence helping to save the fuel.

The best selling fuel saving devices incorporate a simple technology that has the ability to convert a car or a truck to a water burning vehicle. These devices employ the use of water to supplement gasoline/diesel to increase the mileage. The devices actually convert the water into HHO. This HHO is also known as the Brown gas.

Fuel Saving Devices

This brown gas is known to burn cleanly without any pollution and it produces energy which is 3 times more in comparison to the mileage generated by the regular gasoline. These devices have produced a 30% to 100% increase in terms of the distance the cars can travel on the same amount of fuel. The increase varies from one car model to another.

The brown gas is capable of producing much more power than gasoline on burning, which provides a bigger boost in power. Also the gas can remove the carbon deposits and avoid the building up of these deposits. Hence the engine tends to operate smoothly. It also increases the lifespan of the engine parts like pistons, valves and bearings.

The best part about these devices is that they produce water and oxygen in the end when the gas is completely burnt. This helps to keep the atmosphere clean and pollution free.

Then there are some more devices which are basically fuel additives. They are to be added to the fuel to increase the density of the fuel. The usual things added to the fuel are tin, magnesium and platinum compounds.

There are some vapor transfer devices that claim to improve the fuel efficiency by simply changing the way the liquid fuel converts to fuel vapor. One form of these devices is Swirlers. They are known to increase the turbulence manifold in both intake and heaters. They are known to make a significant difference in fuel efficiency.

All these fuel saving devices and technologies are found to be effective with varying results. However there are many other devices in the market that claim to perform the same function, but are nothing more than plain scams.

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