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Freightliner Gas Mileage

Increasing Freightliner Gas Mileage

Freightliner Gas Mileage

Freightliner trucks are absolutely wonderful when it comes to power and transmission. They are also good when it comes to fuel efficiency. However given a chance, you would surely like to better the mileage of your freightliner. Here are some tips that will help you increase freightliner gas mileage.

The first tip is to drive properly in a safe and reliable manner. It would boost the fuel efficiency, avoid continuous track shifting, peeling out, and other forms of rash driving that involve increasing the speed without any cause and irresponsibly. This is especially important, as a lot of gas is wasted on abrupt initiations and halts.

Freightliner Gas Mileage

The next tip is to evade speeding. This is because your freightliner is designed in such a way that it can attain the highest fuel efficiency, at a pace which is lesser than the existing official restrictions. Therefore if you drive your freightliner slowly, not only will it increase its fuel efficiency but will also improve its overall performance.

The third tip is to try out the new fuel saving devices available in the market. These devices are designed to assist your freightliner by providing the maximum performance by using the minimal fuel. One such device is a cruise control instrument. This instrument arranges the truck's cruise control in a way that it perks up the gas mileage.

This instrument helps you to avoid any unnecessary pressing of the accelerator. On a lengthy stretch of freeway the instrument can increase the gas mileage by an approximate 25%.

A little unconventional method to increase the gas mileage of your freightliner is to avoid using gasoline at all. You should convert your truck to run it on water and gas, or water and diesel. You can get your truck converted in a way that it uses water as a fuel. The water is burned to produce HHO also known as Brown gas.

The resulting brown gas can provide you with 3 times more energy than the regular gasoline. Overall it can help you increase the gas mileage of your freightliner by 30% to 100 %. You can get your truck to run on water and gas for less than $150.

Another tip is to see to it that your tires are always properly inflated. This is because when your truck's tires are under-inflated, the truck tends to lose almost 0.5% of your mileage for every PSI.

Using these tips you will not only be increasing your freightliner gas mileage, but will also add to the performance and the overall lifespan of the freightliner.

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