Rental Truck Gas Mileage

Rental Truck Gas Mileage

Some Factors That Affect Rental Truck Gas Mileage

Rental Truck Gas Mileage

Truck rentals prove to be a costly proposition in the US. This is because you need to factor in several other charges besides pay for the actual cost of the rental truck gas mileage actually logged by you to drive the vehicle from the hiring point to the destination. These extra charges include all other incidental charges including the service charges and any other charges, taxes, and duties needed to transport your cargo for the agreed period of hire.

Yes, for truck rentals in the US you even need to sign a truck rental agreement with the truck rental service provider. The agreement clearly specifies in fine print all the terms and conditions of the truck hire.

Rental Truck Gas Mileage

If you go through the truck rental agreement document, you will find that the complete responsibility of the truck is on your shoulders during the agreed period of hire. Even if you want to hire the truck for two days, the truck rental service provider would charge you for a minimum stipulated period that is specified in their agreement and in certain higher multiples of that period. The service provider does not charge you for the actual period of the hire, but for the agreed period.

Moreover, rental trucks such as the Ford F150 hired in the US are meant for commercial purposes and are equipped with long haul extra big gasoline tanks. They are meant to carry heavy loads and therefore depending on how heavy the load is, the actual fuel consumption logged by them is much higher than with the normal trucks with improved mpg ratings. Improving the mpg ratings of commercial rental trucks is rather difficult.

This is because the mpg rate for them is much lower than normal light duty pickup trucks. For moderate loads, you will get actual fuel economy rates not exceeding 14 mpg. For heavy loads, the mpg rate will fall in the range of 9 to 11 mpg.

The rental trucks ply on highways and interstates at speeds which need to be within the maximum limits specified for them. You need to maintain a steady speed on them which is neither too low nor too high. Otherwise, the truck fuel consumption will go up beyond the optimum. This is because, speed fluctuations and very high speed has a more than the usual adverse impact on the fuel economy of especially rental trucks. This will

Even the chance requirement of roadside assistance charges are to be paid directly by you. Further, in the case of an accident involving the rental truck during the period of your hire, you are held directly responsible, so you need to carry liability insurance.

Before you sign an agreement with a specific service provider, it is recommended you make comparisons of the offered rental truck gas mileage ratings with those of other service providers. You also need to compare the entire terms and conditions of the respective rental agreements and the quoted prices and then take a suitable decision.

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